1937 Ford Hot Rod

​HISTORY: This car was built over last 12 years by a good friend and master mechanic. Approximately 2,000 hours were spent doing a bare metal build on a very solid car. I watched this car being built over the years and saw the work put into it. This car is done right with old school methods, parts, and real steel. This 37 Ford was in a barn for 30 years. In the 50’s it had an Oldsmobile engine. The odometer shows only 20,000 miles The current owner purchased the car about 12 years ago.

BODY: No Rust/Hood/Floor /Trunk/Fenders/Running Boards/ and LH door. R/H Door replaced 2" on bottom. Glass - All new. Grill, Trim, Front Seat, Rear Seat, Bumpers, Head Lights, Taillights, all original. Gas Tank - New (Gas Tank Gauge in Trunk).

ENGINE: 1950 Mercury V8 w/ 4" Stroke. .125 -1/8 Bored and Relieved Block. The cam is full race - Iskenderian. Pistons - Jahns. Valves - New Stock Ford. Oil Pump - H,D. Lincoln - New. Fly Wheel - 10 1/2" stock re-ground. Heads - 8:1 Edelbrock New. Gaskets-Copper FEL Pro/ARP Bolts. Manifold Edelbrock 3 x “97” Carbs. Fuel Pump -Electric - Holley. Fuel regulator – Holley. Distributor - Mallory - Dual Point.

Transmission and Running gear: Trans: 37 Ford trans - Rebuilt. Rear: 37 Ford - Rebuilt. Sway Bars F&R. Springs - original. Hydraulic Clutch. Brakes - 1947 Mercury. Master cylinder - Dual -/New W/Cyls. Residual Valves - F10 lb. R 10 ib. Radiator: Re-cored 37 Ford. Fan Electric Spall. Water Pumps - New. Thermostats - 160 degrees New. Mufflers - Smithy's. Headers - Reds. Chrome Wheels - 1948 Ford. Tires - New W/W. Steering Wheel - Banjo original. Steering Box - Original. Tie Rods - New. Radio and Box - original - not working. Gauges - all S-W Beveled Glass. Tack -"Sun". Sending Unit - for looks. Heater - Southwind - original - not working. Wiring - old style fabric done by owner. Alternator - Made to look like original. Starter - gear reduction. Battery - in trunk. Battery shut off in trunk.


Price: $35,000.