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1958 Bobsy-Porsche Spyder

My personal car.
Scroll to see more of this Porsche. Click the images to enlarge.

This is the first race car built by Gerry Mong in 1958. The car was built on a steel tube chassis with mid engine, and hand formed alloy body. Gerry raced the Spyder at Cumberland, Mid Ohio, Nelson Ledges and Giants Despair. Gerry sold it to Floyd Sable when he started the Bobsy Racing Company, and went on to build about 200 sports cars.  Floyd put in a 4 cam Porsche Carrera engine, and ran it at The Milwaukee Mile. It was there, that Floyd let his friend, Augie Pabst, drive it for a race. The car has been continuously raced since then by Dr Ricardelli, Dolf Battafarino, John Risch, Daniel Todd and Tom Miller. More history can be found at the As I am still racing the car, and the 4 cam is currently being rebuilt, it is NFS. 

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