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Rolling Art Porsche Speedster

by Minimalist Sculptor Robert Morris
Scroll to see more of this gorgeous Porsche. Click the images to enlarge.

This is the 55 Speedster built by the Minimalist sculptor Robert Morris. Robert Morris - 24 artworks - sculpture ( Morris bought the car in 1973 from Robert J. Alverez in NY (seems another artist). The car was built in the 70’s as an early “Outlaw Porsche” Robert built the car with the help of his assistant Rolf Horst, who helped him build his larger sculptures. The car has been fitted with "C" disk brakes, "C" trans, ZF steering box, and the rear shock mounts were modified to accept full size vertically mounted shocks. Engine is a rebuilt “B” normal. The seats are handmade speedster copies made in Aluminum. Morris custom made an aluminum head fairing and passenger tonneau cover. The wheel spats go on and off easily with special brass wingnuts. Horst said the door handle pockets were shrunk and hammered out, not filled with putty. Up front the horn grills were modified to direct air to the brakes. The interior is custom also with blacked out vinyl dash, diamond finished rubber mats, etc. The car was stiffened with "X" side bars.


When the car was purchased from Morris’ wife Lucile, the panels were hanging in the Morris studio, a converted barn in NY. The panels were taken down and assembled the car in the studio before trailering home!

This Speedster is eligible to do the Mille Miglia.  If new owner wanted to convert to original specs, the car comes with the original matching transmission and a set of 16” x 3.25” steel wheels.

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