1969 911 T Sports Purpose, German Delivery

The 1969 911 T was the lightest of the early 911 coupes, making it ideal for racing and rallying in Europe. This sports purpose 911 was special ordered by Peter Gleue, who was from a well-known family in the town of Villa Reich.  Gleue was a known racer who raced an RSR 911 for Kremer Racing in the German racing series. With 20 factory options, the car was well equipped for sport use.   

    This 911T left the Porsche Factory February 2nd 1969.   Finished in Blut Orange 6809 (same color as Factory Werks cars), with black interior.  The car was ordered with no rear seats and perlon interior, L+R Recaro bucket seats with corduroy inserts, 911S metric instruments and oil tank,  and “S” alloy brakes,  Koni suspension, 15mm front and rear “S” Stabilizer bars, fog lights under bumper, Halogen Flood lights over bumper, and code 0002 KFZ.BRF German spec head lights. The wheels were code 9110 Leicht Metal Fuchs. The car has “S” trim on bumpers and rockers. The transmission is a 901/13 with A/F/M/S/Z gears, same as the 67 “S” transmissions.  

   This 911 T was purchased by Gleue at Autohaus Krauss GMBH, and serviced serval times at Glockler FFM, known for producing their own racing cars. In August of 1969 it went back to Karman for service. At some point the car got a factory roll bar with factory mounts.  The car also has 3 point shoulder harness made by Repa, dated 1971. 

  In 1974 the car was exported to Alpine Porsche Audi in Pueblo Colorado.  The car was purchased by Richard Reiff,  who had the car serviced by Grady Clay at Rennenhaus, a well-known Porsche performance shop. The car was used for all types of rallies and Hill Climbs, and he was a consistent winner.  Rieff was a member of the Pikes Peak Sports Car Club, and he ran the car at Pikes Peak, and at the Double Cross in July of 1989.  Reiff attended the Fiesta de Porsche in Santa Fe New Mexico in May of 1976, put on by zone 9 of the PCA.  Reiff was a member of the Alpine region of the PCA.  

  The car has good compression in all cylinders averaging 170 PSI cold. The engine is fitted with “E” pistons and cams, and turbo tensioner kit. The exhaust is new, with Stainless steel heat exchangers, paint with grey heat paint, and new Dansk dual outlet sport muffler.  Brake lines are new, rear calipers rebuilt. The gas tank is new.  Sway bar bushing are new.  Shifter bushings are new.

  The car runs and drives well, some noise in 2nd gear, and does have some leaks.  

  The car now has just one original “R” type Recaro driver’s seat with a headrest, a smaller diameter, thicker grip, period BWA steering wheel, with Porsche horn button. The interior retains original perlon carpet. The lights are now Marchal Reflectors. The wheels are deep 6 offset, with new AVON 185 x 15 tires. The car comes with documented ownership history, partial tool kit, and original rear Koni shocks date stamped 1969.  

The car can be driven and enjoyed “as is” with lots of patina, or to do the car justice, have it stripped and repaint to its proper Blut Orange. The floor is solid, but the body shows its battle scars and has been repainted several times.