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About Tom

I have been fascinated with cars since my early teens and I owned 3 Mustangs while still in High School. I sold my commercial printing corporation to a national chain in 2007 and I have not looked in the rear view mirror since then! This move has allowed me to pursue my passion for cars, vintage racing, international travel, surfing and skiing! I have a great business connections in Europe.  I can market your car in Europe, England, USA and the rest of the world!
IMG_0082 (3).JPG
Tom Racing the Bobsy-Porsche Spyder, with VSCCA at MT Washington in 2006. This car is the first Sports Racer built by Gerry Mong in 1958, Steel Tube Chassis, Alloy Body, Mid-Engine  Porsche driveline. The car has been continuously raced from 58 till present.
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 Mt Equinox 2019 Courtesy Sean Smith Photography
Road Scholars Article about my 356 on Mt. Equinox:
Tom at Monterey
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