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Bobsy SR-2 1963 SCCA Champion

Fantastic History.
Scroll to see more of this gorgeous Bobsy. Click the images to enlarge.

Bobsy SR-2 With fantastic history. Chuck Dietrich raced this Bobsy SR-2 during the 1963 season in SCCA G-Modified competition. The combination of great driving and a potent car resulted in nine-wins and Dietrich winning the

G-Modified championship. Currently maintained by  Vintage Racing Motors, (VRM). The car is  competitive and well sorted. 1.6l non cross flow, 5 speed Hewland. 130hp at rear wheels.  Refreshed top end, redlines at 8000 rpm, Carillo rods. 995lbs.  All old original parts. Original seats, made by Mong's wife.  Accepted everywhere.  Price now $65,900

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