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Pre-War 1938 BMW 327 Cabriolet

German Beauty.

1938 BMW 327 Cabriolet, perfect for pre-war rallies and touring. This classic BMW just finished a 10 plus year nut a bolt restoration by the Paterek Brothers. The car had some damage to tail of car, so a brand-new steel tail from Switzerland was ordered and new wood supports fabricated and installed in tail and both doors.  All chrome is newly replated.  All new leather interior, with Wilton Wool carpets, and 135 hammer pleat stitching in each door panel.  Jim Kraus,  who does pebble beach winning cars did top and headliner. Brakes were just relined and arced to fit drums. The engine was running when current owner, a retired orthopedic surgeon, purchased the car, and the doctor had his long time mechanic clean, reseal and service the engine. The carburetors were just redone by Joe Curto. The engine is now running fine and makes good power.  Now offered for much, much less than cost of restoration.  Asking $150,000

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