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Type 547/1 Engine

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Factory 547 case, blank, no serial number.  Type 547 engine, unofficial designation "547/0"   It is a 550 engine. This engine has a roller crank rebuilt by SpeedSport Tuning Danbury, Connecticut. Although set up for a 550 Spyder, layout can be changed to work in a 356 Coupe or Speedster. 


Other features:

Original factory Hirth connecting rods, new rollers, new aluminum roller cages on mains and rods.

Original first generation 85mm factory cylinders, stripped and relined with Nikasil.  Standard 1500CC displacement.

-  New Mahle Motorsports 85mm pistons, The dome shape, height, valve relief flats made to same dimensions as originals.  Lightweight with improved ring design, anti friction material on piston skirts.

-  10:1 compression ratio, can be safely run with street super unleaded pump gas.

-  Original factory valves intake and exhaust.

-  New valve springs.

-  Rebuilt oil pump.

-  Die cast Solex 40PII4 carburetors rebuilt by 356 Carb Rescue, with correct 4 cam throttle linkage arms to connect with 550 style horizontal throttle linkage and center pivot piece.

-  New reproduction ignition distributors made by Speedco in Holland.  Electronic trigger device instead of points.  Separate control unit which controls the ignition timing curve.    The curve can be custom programmed however you like, this is set to the curve to duplicate the original factory curve. -  High energy ignition coils included with engine, -  7mm black shielded ignition wires, an improvement over the original solid core wires which helps prevent cross firing between wires.  Outside appearance same as original.  

-  200mm clutch and pressure plate.  Plate is a standard C/SC Sachs unit, special road / race hybrid disc.  Very friendly for street driving, no weird race clutch feel or engagement.  Pressure plate and flywheel balanced together.

-  12 volt Bosch generator, rebuilt and tested on stand.  Comes with a "black box" regulator which has been tested and adjusted to make sure it works properly with the installed generator.  Charging system functions checked during run in on stand.

-  All hardware, intake manifolds, throttle linkage, etc stripped and cadmium plated.

-  Cooling system sheet metal powder coated in semi gloss black.

-  Run on our test stand several times, approximately one and a half hours of no load run time on Joe Gibbs break in oil.

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